Watch the Asia Pacific NGO CSW Consultation Day Event

Women’s Effective Participation in Decision Making and the Future of Feminism – An Asia Pacific Regional Perspective

For the first time in 2021 due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the Asia Pacific NGO CSW presented a 2 hour forum to kick-off events for CSW 65th Session.

The theme for the event is Women’s Effective Participation in Decision Making and combines discussions on the future of feminism in the region.

We apologies for the technical glitches and have corrected these where possible.

Panelists presented alongside members of the AP NGO CSW youth team and Co-Chairs.

MC for the event was Suvechya Rana (AP NGO CSW Youth Team)

Panelists :

    • Melisa Alvarado (UN Women Regional Office – Asia Pacific)
    • Naw Hser Hser (Women’s League of Burma)
    • Losana Tuiraviravi (Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM)
    • Rosana Isa (Sisters in Islam)
    • Medha Sharma (Visible Impact)
    • Jean Chong (ASEAN SOGIE Caucus)

Moderator of the Panel : Isha Tembe (AP NGO CSW Youth Team)

The Youth Team who worked on this event are :

    • Suvechya Rana (Nepal) Homaria Sharif (Afghanistan)
    • Isha Tembe (Australia)
    • Losana Tuiraviravi Doris Tulifau (Samoa)
    • Danica Gonzalez (Philippines)
    • Co-Chairs Bandana Rana (Nepal) and Carole Shaw (Australia) also presented.

We wish to acknowledge the support of NGO CSW NY in providing the platform for this event and Asia Pacific Women’s Watch (APWW) for technical support.

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