NGO Guidelines for Parallel Reports Beijing + 25 Released

I’m happy to share the final version of the NGO Guidelines for Parallel Reports for Beijing +25. Please share widely. Comments welcome.


In preparation for Beijing + 25 in 2020, NGOs and civil society stakeholders must have their own independent process to report on progress made, challenges and recommendations. The purpose of these NGO Guidelines for Parallel Reports is to provide a common template for NGOs to use for country (city or state) reports. NGOs should adapt it to suit their local contexts and feel free to change it as needed.  Although many questions are drawn from UN Women’s official Guidelines for governments, these are adapted to reflect NGO and civil society perspectives.

The drafting team included International Women’s Rights Action Watch—Asia and Pacific, Ivy Koek, Susan O’Malley, Sachini Perera, Jessica Pierson, Jenny Prisk, Saphira Ramashfar, Bandana Rana and Soon-Young Yoon. Thank you to Eleanor Blomstrom and Nurgul Djanaeva for adding training expertise. Consultations with NGOs, including the Center for Women’s Global Leadership were held. We are grateful to UN Women for its cooperation, although the contents are solely our responsibility.

Download the PDF here

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