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Access to conference rooms will again be limited during CSW63, due to the very high number of NGO representatives who have registered, placing a high demand on the finite space in United Nations Headquarters. There will be approximately 200 seats in the plenary room for the 4000-5000 NGOs that are expected. That is why all official meetings will be webcast. You are encouraged to follow these broadcasts live or on demand via United Nations Web TV at

You can also follow @UN_CSW on Twitter to find out about side events, overflow room, venue changes, and when registration lines are shortest. Join the conversation using #CSW63 to share information about your own events.

Please note:

  • Your United Nations grounds pass will be sufficient to gain access to the General Assembly Building and the Conference Building, where official CSW meetings and side events will take place. The programme of official meetings is available at; for the schedule of side events, please visit
  • To ensure that the full number of seats in the balconies will be available to NGO representatives, secondary tickets will be required for official meetings on the first and second days of the session. Only NGO representatives will be able to pick up secondary tickets

    • For Monday, 11 March (the first day of the session) each organization may pick up one ticket for the opening and one ticket for one of the round tables, while supplies last. Tickets will be given out at the CSW information desk in the visitor’s lobby in UNHQ (“GA lobby”) during registration hours starting on Friday, 8 March, throughout the weekend and on Monday, 11 March morning (8am), one per organization, while supplies last. Please note that access on the weekend prior to the session is restricted to the GA lobby where the CSW information desk is located.The organization’s representative picking up the ticket for the organization needs to be registered for CSW63, in possession of a valid UN grounds pass, and needs to bring a print-out of the CSW63 confirmation email, in addition to the printed copy that NGOs submit when collecting their ground pass. Click here for instructions on how you can view/print the confirmation email on Indico if you can’t find it in your email inbox.
    • For Tuesday, 12 March (the second day of the session) tickets will be given on a “first come, first serve” basis to all NGO grounds pass holders; the limit of one ticket per organization does not apply on Tuesday. Tickets for Tuesday will be given out at the CSW information desk in the visitor’s lobby in UNHQ (“GA lobby”) on Monday afternoon starting at 3pm.
  • As per previous NGO advisory, you will need to bring a hardcopy of your confirmation email to CSW in order to pick up a UN grounds pass. We kindly ask that you bring a second hardcopy of your CSW confirmation email if you would like to pick up a ticket to the formal meetings on Monday, 11 March 2019.
  • Most of the official meetings will take place in Conference Room 4 (plenary room). During the opening of the session in the General Assembly hall in the morning of the first day, Conference Room 4 will serve as an overflow room.
  • In the General Assembly hall, NGO seating will be on the 4th floor balcony. In Conference Room 4 and Conference Room 1, NGOs will be seated on the gallery. Please note that tickets do not guarantee a seat. For the safety and security of all CSW participants, we kindly ask you to please ensure that rooms are not overcrowded; please do not stand in the back of conference rooms.
  • NGO participants enter and exit via the United Nations main entrance at 46th Street and First Avenue. The entrance is open from 7:30am to 7pm. After 7pm it will only be possible to exit UN premises, there will be no re-entry.
  • NGO morning briefings will be held from 8:30 – 9:15 a.m., starting on Tuesday, 12 March and every day throughout the session until Thursday 21 March, in Conference Room 4. For more information on NGO morning briefings, please visit the website of the NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO CSW, NY) at
    Kindly note that luggage or suitcases, flyers, banners and promotional materials will not be allowed in the UN Pass & ID office and on UN premises.

CSW overview map:

For more information on CSW63, please see:

For more information on NGO participation, please see:

Join the Twitter conversation using #CSW63 to share information about your own events!

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