AP NGO CSW EVENT : CSW 65th Webinar – Women’s Effective Participation in Decision Making


In preparation for  of CSW 65th Session the Asia pacific NGO CSW youth committee  worked to present an intergenerational dialogue focussing on  the topic of women’s effective participation at the decision-making level.

This topic is identified as one of the 12 critical areas of the BPfA, from which we are seeing the impact of as women continue to rise up through the ranks and be significant parts of the political, economic, and corporate power structures of the region.  We know that when women are represented at the decision-making level it possesses a positive chain reaction. It has been shown that when women engage with the political system in local, state, or national levels of government it brings forth higher female voter turnout, and a stronger focus on the improvement of social services. In the private sector we see it when women take managerial positions there comes an increase of profit.  However, in the Asia Pacific region women’s representation at the decision-making level remains lagging to the global average. under the 25-year review of the BPfA it highlighted the need to accelerate the closing of gaps to ensure that women can access these roles without stigma, stereotypes, or negative norms.

This inter-generational webinar brings exceptional leaders together to  discuss what they have experienced, what continues to challenge and perhaps even what has improved or developed in the process.

To view the video of this event please click here 





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