Challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls
Draft agreed conclusions.

The Zero Draft of the CSW62 Outcome Document has been released. To prepare for CSW62 please read the attached document, “Challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls.”

The Outcome Document establishes a legal framework work for gender equality that member states agree to support at the conclusion of the CSW. UN Agencies, Member States and NGOs use the Outcome Document as a resource and standard for policy-making and programming on the topics covered in the Document. Five years ago the CSW57 priority theme was Rural Women, and there was no outcome document.

Civil society, therefore, was concerned and established a Zero Draft Subcommittee. We educated ourselves about the concerns of rural women so that we can more effectively offer our expertise. We began by reading the SG report, the UN Women’s Concept Note and the Expert Group papers. Through a series of bimonthly meetings and international phone conferences, we put together this document with different groups of women taking the lead on researching different concerns of rural women. We wanted to listen to rural women, and do the preparation for a successful Outcome Document that is representative of the needs of rural women.

NGO CSW/NY worked with about 80 individuals and organizations to put together this document. Our recommendations are all linked to SDG targets. Now that the Zero Draft has been printed, we will meet and be ready with specific language, precedent and best practices.

NGO CSW/NY feels strongly that the SDGs and the Outcome Document will not be implemented without the expertise and grassroots work of NGOs.

We are looking for suggestions of language in the form of words and short phrases to insert into the Zero Draft. Some member states have been asking NGOs to contribute in this way to the priority theme. This is the next step in the process leading up to agreed upon conclusions. Please email your feedback to

Deadline for submitting your suggestions to NGO CSW/NY is February 13.

Click Here to Read the Zero Draft PDF

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